PDF to DWG DXF Converter

PDF to DWG Converter is one app to convert PDF into DWG and DXF files, vector and raster into vectorized editable drawing.

PDF to DXF importer, an AutoCAD Addin help you import PDF file into AutoCAD.

Accepts single page or multipage PDF input, convert PDF file into native dwg file.

Retain arcs:

Using Smart Object Recognition technology, arc in PDF retain the accuracy and clearness.

Retain lines:

Keep its correctness of location, shape and thickness.

Retain Texts:

Scratch those selectable texts in your original PDF file and texts will be re-created in the DWG/DXF file.

Retain solids:

PDF to DWG converter could convert solids and hatches from PDF to DWG, or just to keep border lines of those entities.

Raster to Vector:

For hand draw or scanned blueprint, it vectorize scanned raster images, and converts them to central lines or border lines.


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Besides, it has more powerful functions:
1. Convert PDF into editable drawing files.

2. Support all vector entities in PDF including line, polyline, text, arc, circle, hatches, dimension etc.

3. Extract embedded raster images as Xref in converted drawing from PDF files.

4. Keep scale, lineweight, solid entities, etc.

5. Convert raster image to vector entities.

6. AutoCAD not required, compatible with AutoCAD LT and many other CAD/CAM systems.

7. Batch mode supported, convert hundreds of your files in one go.

How to use the software to convert PDF to DWG files?


How to convert pdf to dwg dxf

2. converting scanned raster PDF into vector DWG objects

Raster to Vector conversion setting

3. convert OCR PDF to DWG

Advanced editing

more editing DWG 

PDF to DWG DXF Conversion :

change PDF into DWG